Your wedding day is something special, perhaps one of the single most important events of your life. I promise you it won't be worth it to have "your friend who has a nice camera and will do it for free" cover your wedding. This day is an investment. These photos will last you a lifetime. These memories may fade slowly over time, you might not remember which earrings you wore or that your food wasn't what you thought it would be. These images are meant to bring you back in time and remind you of just how you felt and just how you looked at each other. Your wedding photographer is not a choice to take lightly. As your wedding photographer, I try to be so much more. I will do whatever you need, I am a pro-tie tier, I can pin a boutonniere, I can help bustle a dress, I can help calm you down when your soon-to-be mother-in-law is giving you her opinion. I'm there for the bride and groom, to ensure your day runs smooth and is a day you look back on with fondness.